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Placentra Mother's Scretch Lotion

Product Detail Information

1. Principal ingredients

  • EGF, FGF, CoenzymeQ10, hydrolyzed soy protein, H.E.S. Membrane, Ceramide, VitaminC,E Derivative, Hyaluronic Acid, etc

2. Product type

  • 150 ml / tube type

3. Brand/study supply unit

  • PLAGENTRA / capharm co., Ltd.

4. Target Users

  • Pregnant women, growing adolescents, for stretch marks resulted from diet, heavy exercise and drastic weight increase.
  • For moisturizing the dry, sensitive skin, for provision of nutrition. Apply on face and entire body for improvement of elasticity of skin.

5. Strong points

  • Not only prevent stretch marks, it is able to improve and managing the stretch mark condition that is currently in progress.
  • Which different type of stretch mark cream can be selected according to different skin type.
  • The quantity of lotion is large, therefore application of the lotion on parts that are less affected or on the entire body are also helpful for prevention and management of stretch marks.
  • Effective for less affected areas such as hips, the calf of the leg, and the outside of the thigh or on the entire body.
  • Good for prevention of sagging skin after giving birth and for improving elasticity of skin.

6. Application Guide

  • After a face wash or a shower with luke warm water, and having removed of moisture completely, within 2 ~ 3 minutes, apply the product on the affected areas by massage.
  • It is of type that absorbs fast into the skin. Spread widely on the skin and apply as if massaging on the skin.
  • During pregnancy, and before giving birth (20 weeks prior), apply the product approximately once a day, and after giving birth (for 20 days), apply approximately twice a day.
  • If the stretch mark is already present, two or three applications per day may see improvements.
  • It is effective if thin layer of stretch mark cream application is followed by additional application of PLACENTRA stretch mark lotion.
  • As for the stretch mark products, it is most effective when applied in this order. 1) Cream, 2) lotion, 3) oil.
  • In the case of severe itching symptom, it is effective to apply after washing with ATO PLAGENTRA Soap.
  • It is good to store in a refrigerator after use.