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Plagentra Facial Cream

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  • South Korea South Korea
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Product Detail Information

1. Principal ingredients
EGF, FGF, Coenzyme Q10, zinc oxide and etc

2. Product type
30g / tube type

3. Brand/study supply unit
PLAGENTRA / capharm co., Ltd.

4. Applied Targets
Providing nutrition & moisture, skin tone adjustment, covering skin etc .
blemishes, controlling sebum, skin protection and brightening (skin stains)

5. Strong points

  • Accelerates the skin rejuvenation and generation of collagen, elastin, maintaining the skin's elasticity.
  • Gaining the brightening effects, that maintains the beautiful skin.
  • Has the base effects of a makeup, conveying the natural skin. It provides moisture and nutritions to skin, so suitable for use for all 4 seasons.
  • Through skin protection, moisturizing and natural covering, helps to unburden the burden of makeup.
  • Improved the inherent thickness of the BB Cream, therefore applies smoothly, and through natural skin control, completes the make up of non-makeup look.
  • Even through sweating and other moisture, the skin is continually protected, and even the inherent skin blemishes are improved.
  • Minimizes the moisture loss of the skin, maintaining the soft moisture always. Also protects the skin from sweats and sebum for long periods of time.

6. Application Guide
At the final step of the skin care and make foundation, apply the small quantity of the product on the entire face in light dabs.

When applied after the make foundation had absorbed, the feeling of closer adhesion can be felt.

Suitable for skin types of both pregnant women and the general people. It is possible to display more natural skin according to different skin tone of individuals.

More effective when used after washing by PLACENTRA Soap.