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Pragentra Mother's Scretch Oil

Product Detail Information

1. Principal ingredients

  • Coconut, Jojoba, Sunflower, Lavender, squalene, etc

2. Product type

  • 110 ml / pump type

3. Brand/study supply unit

  • PRAGENTRA / capharm co., Ltd.

4. Target Users

  • Pregnant women, growing adolescents, for stretch marks resulted from diet, heavy exercise and drastic weight increase.
  • For moisturizing the dry, sensitive skin, for provision of nutrition. Apply on face and entire body for improvement of elasticity of skin.

5. Strong points

  • Safe product of neutral vegetable oil made for pregnant women.
  • It gets absorbed into pregnant woman's skin dermis very fast, improving and preventing stretch marks effectively. It is not 'sticky', therefore, ease of use.
  • Ingredients are soft and not irritative to the pregnant women, therefore does not have any affects on the baby.
  • Odorless. The active ingredients protects the skin and maintains skin moisturized.
  • Controls abrupt changes to the skin from pregnancy and dry skins.

6. Application Guide

  • After a face wash or a shower with luke warm water, and having removed of moisture completely, within 2 ~ 3 minutes, apply the product on the affected areas by massage.
  • Apply on abundantly on the areas easily affected by stretch marks due to pregnancy such as, stomach, thigh, chest and buttocks and palm massage softly for about 5 ~ 10 minutes using.
  • During pregnancy, and before giving birth (20 weeks prior), apply the product approximately once a day, and after giving birth (for 20 days), apply approximately twice a day.
  • If the stretch mark is already present, two or three applications per day may see improvements.
  • It is effective if thin layer of stretch mark cream application is followed by additional application of PRACENTRA stretch mark oil.
  • As for the stretch mark products, it is most effective when applied in this order. 1) Cream, 2) lotion, 3) oil.
  • In the case of severe itching symptom, it is effective to apply after washing with ATO PRAGENTRA Soap.
  • It is good to store in a refrigerator after use.